Signature Tofu Cheesecake COMBO

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Our Signature Japanese Tofu Cheesecakes are crafted with premium ingredients that strike a delicate balance of tart and sweet, with a luxuriously smooth texture that leaves you wanting more with every bite. The subtle citrus and floral notes leave a refreshing aftertaste without being too heavy on the palate. Pair with our home-brewed green tea for maximum enjoyment.

Perfect for one or share the enjoyment with a loved one.

What's in the box:

  • Japanese Tofu Cheesecake x 200g ±
  • Homemade Ryokucha(green tea) x 400ml
  • Topping: Rose Blossom, Calendula Petal & Cornflower blossom
  • Contains dairy, Gelatin, gluten and soy

How to Store:
Max approximately 3 hours in room temperature,
immediately Chill in Chiller to ensure Freshness
Up to 5 days in the Fridge
Do remember to NOT FREEZE Cheeseky’s Cheesecakes as it will affect the texture of the cake once it’s back to room temperature
Best serve Well-chilled!!